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Working in Cosmetology

      f:id:cosmetologyschoolsindenver:20190817121244p:plainCosmetology is a great career choice. What is it? Cosmetology is a way to describe working with hair, cosmetics, nails, and feet in the world of salons. Cosmetology offers many ways for clients of salons to feel more beautiful and also relax while their cosmetologist is working on them. Cosmetologists do so much more than just hair and nails though.

Cosmetology has been around since the Ancient Egyptians and it has changed and evolved over time. Today, cosmetologists have a lot on their plate when it comes to making their clients look and feel amazing! They cut hair, wash and condition hair, style hair, dye and highlight hair, wax eyebrows, and much more. Many cosmetologists will also do blow outs on the hair and even do make-up for weddings and special events, such as prom. There isn't anything they can do!

Cosmetologists help men and women to look fabulous and this job is made for both men and women. We can find them in salons and spas. Some cosmetologists will also work as independent contractors in their homes or office space. If you are looking into working in this field, you have some great options when it comes to going to cosmetology schools in denver.

To become a licensed cosmetologist, you must attend beauty school in your area. Most salons need you to have at least 1,500 hours of salon practice before you can become certified. Part of your certification includes hours you spend cutting hair, washing hair, doing eyebrows, and facials. You will learn how to do it all when you enroll in cosmetology school!

If cosmetology seems to be the career path for you, it is never too late to get started. Finding a school in your area is very easy and you will be well on your way to beginning the journey to your new career in cosmetology.


What Courses Are Usually Available at a Cosmetology School?


For those that are looking to study cosmetology, they are going to need to go to a school or a specialized training program. In this program, the student will learn how to do all different types of hair and styles. There are some courses that a student will attend cosmetology schools in denver.

Hair Styling

A student will learn how to cut and style all different types of hair. They will also learn to color, how to straighten hair, how to perform perms and other types of styling. They will also learn how to do hairstyles for special events.


Many people love getting their hair washed when they go for a haircut. The student will learn how to prepare the hair for the cut. They will also learn how to treat the hair after coloring or using chemical services.

Manicuring and Pedicures

Many people want to have their hands and nails looking great as well. The student will learn how to condition and treat the skin and nails and they will also learn different polishing techniques.


The cosmetology student will need to learn some basic services. They will need to learn how to wax eyebrows and other areas. They will also need to learn how to apply makeup for special occasions. They will often be trained to use a specific brand of cosmetics and this may vary between programs.

The average course will take around 600 hours or 4 months to complete. A person will need to check with their state to determine how much education is required for licensing.
These are some of the courses that a cosmetology student will need to learn and to complete.

After completing these courses they can then specialize in other areas. These services are offered in most salons and a student will need to successfully complete the training in order to work as a cosmetologist.